"A world-wide prospective study of INC on prognosis and biomarkers in GBS"

A world-wide prospective study of INC on prognosis and biomarkers in GBS

2000 inclusions!

Patient 2000 was inclused on May5th by Dr. Gerardo Gutierrez Gutierrez!

What are the implications of reaching this IGOS-2000 milestone?

  1. From now on it will not be possible to include new patients in IGOS; the website is now closed for new inclusions.
  2. It is important to continue the collection of follow-up data and samples from previously included patients. This collection will continue until the last (3 year) follow-up visit of the last included patients (so May 2024). During that window the website will be open for collecting these follow-up data.
  3. We are about to start a new round of data quality assessments for the first 2000 patients included in IGOS. You will all be approached for this in the coming months.
  4. We will also plan new transports of materials to Erasmus MC.
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PNS virtual meeting 2020

During the first virtual PNS Annual Meeting, the IGOS Meeting was also held online for the first time. We celebrate a succesful meeting but hope the next PNS meeting will be held in person in the beautiful Copenhagen.More >>
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